Leanne Scully and Tracey Tutin opened Crown Calisthenics Inc in 1998.  Crown was opened after the closure of Regent Calisthenics College to provide a home for pupils who had provided loyal support to Regent and wished to remain together as a team. 

From the beginning Leanne and Tracey aimed to build a club that supported best practice, allowing pupils to achieve their potential in a supportive environment.  They strove to create a club that involved and welcomed all members of the family, especially fathers and siblings.

The Club was named Crown as a mark of respect and recognition of Leanne and Tracey’s involvement at Regent.  The Regent Club emblem was a crown.

In the first two to three years of the Club’s inception, a number of the age groups struggled to attract large numbers and Tracey and Leanne, with the assistance of parents/carers and supporters, worked hard to build membership to the strong and healthy numbers evident today.  New pupils were attracted to the family environment at Crown and the strong sense of team amongst the participants.  Also very appealing is that Crown pupils are encouraged to believe that performing at their best, as a team, is what is most important, and not necessarily first prize.

Leanne resigned as Principal of Crown in 2007.  Tracey is now the sole Principal of Crown Calisthenics College.

Tracey is committed to further developing the Club and continuing to provide a positive environment in which Calisthenics pupils are able to achieve their potential, learn teamwork, grow in self confidence and enjoy the opportunity to perform on stage at the highest level.

Tracey Tutin, Principal of Crown Calisthenics College

Tracey Tutin, Principal of Crown Calisthenics College