Calisthenics is an artistic sport and is a combination of controlled exercises, gymnastics, marching, singing, apparatus manipulation, simplified ballet, folk and modern dance that are performed for various musical arrangement. Children of all ages thrive on the variety and challenges that the sport offers. Calisthenics is unique to Australia and combines the best aspects of sport and art.

Calisthenics provides children with a unique opportunity to perform routines on a theatre stage as a team several times a year. This provides great delight and pure enjoyment to children, as performance for a child is natural and exciting.

There are many benefits to be gained from participation in calisthenics including:

  • developing coordination, flexibility, core strength, poise, mental alertness and general fitness
  • building self esteem and confidence
  • developing an understanding for team work and sportsmanship
  • building mutual friendships
  • to be united in fun and friendship